Your complete survey solution

Pure Survey’s goal is to help your business to get the most out of its survey. We will work with your team step-by-step to better understand the businesses needs for the survey as well as to better understand your companies’ environment. The more we know about your situation, the higher the standard of advice that may be given to make sure that your survey campaign is successful.

The survey process is broken down into 3 stages; Design, Administration and Analysis.

  • In the survey design stage our team of experienced designers will create a design layout for the survey and the invitation that will make use of your own branding and corporate colours.
  • Clients often come to us with pre formulated question content; we will review this and if necessary meet with them and suggest alterations.
  • If there is no pre formulated question content our experienced staff will help your team to create a questionnaire that asks the relevant questions.
  • Once all designs for the Invite and survey have been completed and the client has given the approval, we will move to the administration stage.

  • The first phase in the administration stage is the, initial survey invite, send out. To do this we use our proprietary bulk mail system, Target Messenger. This system allows your team to monitor who has completed the survey, which mail addresses have come back as bounced as well as who has read or clicked on the invite.
  • After a week we send out a reminder mail to non respondents encouraging them to take the survey.

  • Once the survey has been closed we will start on the analysis stage.
  • Depending on the type of analysis that has been requested we will either supply your team with Advanced or Basic Reporting

Basic Reporting
  • For Basic reports we extract the data, clean it up and put the results into tables in an Excel file

Advanced Reporting:
  • For Advanced Reports we do the above and create a Power Point presentation for your team to use the data that was captured. We will analyse the data and highlight both Strengths and Weaknesses. For repeat surveys we will be able to benchmark the current results, against previous results, showing where your company has improved and also where any new challenges are. We will add in your corporate colours and branding into the report so that it will follow on with the look of your survey.
  • We also offer customized online reporting tools. These tools give your team the power to generate reports instantaneously. They also give your management team the power to filter down into the results, showing how different groups of people feel.

Over the past few years Pure Survey has become a leader in the corporate survey environment. When using Pure Survey your business is getting an expert team of researchers, through whom your company will gain access to invaluable information.