Pure Survey has been working together with some of the most influential brands in South Africa since 2006. Our goal is to help each business we work with to better their employee, customer, market and product areas in their business. A survey designed, conducted and analyzed by the Pure Survey team will help your business accomplish your goal of being the best in your field.

Contracting Pure Survey will help your business begin its journey in improving the relationships, profits, look and feel of the company through the medium of surveys. To help in accomplishing this we have teams with skills ranging from project managers, survey consultants, graphic designers, statisticians and system technicians. Our teams are dedicated to the betterment of your business.

Employee Research Survey

Pure Survey is a South African based business whose online employee satisfaction surveys will enable your company to gather information from its employees about their level of satisfaction, motivation and attitude towards your business. These surveys are successful in helping business management and the employees to grow together as a team and to learn from each other.


The Employee Survey is highly important in understanding where communication is broken and relationships damaged.



360° Research Surveys

South African based business Pure Survey’s dedicated team of developers has designed an online 360° feedback tool. This tool is fast, easy to use and streamlined in information delivery. The information once inputted into the tool is sent directly to the necessary parties for their use. Our 360° feedback tool can be used with our pre-designed questions or with questions which the business team provides.


These questions can be targeted to measure specific values or behaviours within your company.



Customer Research Surveys

South African based business, Pure Survey's online customer surveys, enables your business to collect measure and analyze valuable feedback from the most important people in the company, your clientele. Our online survey platform ensures higher accuracy and consistency in the results, as well as cutting the time needed for respondents to complete the survey.


At Pure Survey we understand that attaining customer feedback in a timely manner is very important.



Market and Product Research Surveys

Pure Survey is a South African based business aiming to help businesses across South Africa improve their products and increase their market area.
Research Panel Survey

By using our online Research Panel your business will have access to a vast cross section of the South African public and will be able to focus on the particular demographic of your choice.
Mobile Research Surveys

Pure Survey is a South African based survey company that provides the latest in technology for your mobile research survey. The medium we use for this survey type is called USSD.

Over the past few years Pure Survey has become a leader in the corporate survey environment. When using Pure Survey your business is getting an expert team of researchers, through whom your company will gain access to invaluable information.