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What is a satisfied employee?
A satisfied employee is one who is comfortable in their work environment. This is measured in Pure Survey’s employee satisfaction surveys. In our survey we will take into consideration topics such as:

• What is their work load like?
• How do they perceive your management team?
• Is there team unity in the work place?
• What sort of resources do they have or lack?

This survey type is designed to help business owners understand their employees. The survey feedback will help your business understand whether your employees are content in the work place or not and it will also give your business information to be able to work on matters that deal with employee grievances in a positive and constructive way. This helps in maintaining a healthy employer and employee relationship.

Employee satisfaction is good but is it the best for your business? Would it not be better to have employees who are engaged and driven?

Over the past few years Pure Survey has become a leader in the corporate survey environment. When using Pure Survey your business is getting an expert team of researchers, through whom your company will gain access to invaluable information.