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What should be considered when conducting a mobile survey?
At Pure Survey we are dedicated to reach your customers where they are. By using our innovative Mobile Surveys we are able to achieve this goal. Mobile phones are the most common and most widely used means of communication. A mobile survey is designed by Pure Survey to be easy and simple to use. Conducting a mobile survey makes it possible for your business to reach out to your customers where they are. This leaves the onus on your clients to participate in the survey at their convenience.

What should be taken into consideration?
• A mobile survey designed and conducted by Pure Survey is stream lined and easy to use.
• When considering your businesses mobile survey it is important to look at what the advantages are, with the intention to maximize them.
• Like-wise when it comes to what the disadvantages are and how to resolve or lessen them. Considering all aspects of your mobile survey is vital for its success. Pure Surveys team of researchers and developers are on hand to assist your business make the most out of your survey.
• Due to the survey being easy to participate in, people will be more willing to complete it. Your survey should be short and simple. People do not want to sit down waiting to complete the survey, they will rather be able to quickly participate in a queue waiting for coffee or buying their lunch.
• Your mobile survey needs to be designed to fit easily on a small or large screen and should cut out the need for left and right scrolling. By using our USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Pure Survey achieves this goal.
• A mobile survey is ideal for immediate feedback as the customers experience would still be fresh in their minds and so answering a few brief questions about their time whilst visiting your business will be quick and easy for them.
• When dealing with a mobile survey it is important to understand your target market. You would need to know whether customers would be keen to use their mobiles to participate in a survey. It will be a waste of time and money to send the survey out to people who would rather answer questions via an in-store survey.

Your mobile survey conducted by Pure Survey is designed to maximize the benefit to your business. Keeping it short, sweet and to the point helps to improve the chances of people participating within the survey.

A mobile survey is beneficial especially for the clients who have time limitations as they are more likely to participate in the survey whilst having a break. Maintaining satisfied clients will help your business by providing it with important information that will direct your business in the right direction.

A mobile device survey is aimed to meet your customers where they are. In the business world, time is short and people need to receive information in bite size. A mobile device survey meets this need as it is designed to be brief and to the point. Call Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 011 784 1966 for assistance in your mobile device survey.

Over the past few years Pure Survey has become a leader in the corporate survey environment. When using Pure Survey your business is getting an expert team of researchers, through whom your company will gain access to invaluable information.